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This section contains a list of transactions for which SVI has successfully completed a STS verification and in respect of which the originator or sponsor has agreed to publish the information on our website.

Please note that all transaction documents appearing on this website have been provided to SVI by or on behalf of the company that applied for the STS verification. Although, they have been placed here by SVI in good faith, SVI has conducted no independent verification of these documents and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of their content.

An STS verification is a snapshot as of the date on which it is issued.  Accordingly, SVI has no obligation to monitor, nor has it monitored, any of the transactions below since they were certified as STS to ESMA. The appearance of a transaction below is not an indication that such transaction has retained its STS status.

For details on an individual transaction, click any item under the specific transaction. Once you have read and agreed to the ‘Disclaimer’, click on ‘Accept’ at the bottom of the disclaimer page. You will then automatically be routed to the individual transaction page, which contains details of the chosen transaction, together with the relevant transaction documents which include the Preliminary SVI Verification Report, the prospectus and the STS notification.

Transaction nameOriginator/ABCP Sponsor(s)Transaction typeAsset classDATE OF VERIFICATION REPORTClosing yearDeal size (Million EUR)Jurisdiction
VCL Master Netherlands B.V.Volkswagen Pon Financial Services B.V.Non-ABCPAuto leases25 November 201920191.000Netherlands
VCL Master Residual Value S.A., Compartment 2Volkswagen Leasing GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases (residual values)7 October 201920196.000Germany
Bumper DE 2019LeasePlan Deutschland GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases22 October 20192019544Germany
Bavarian Sky S.A., Compartment German Auto Leases 5BMW Bank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases23 September 20192019992Germany
Bavarian Sky S.A., Compartment German Auto Loans 9BMW Bank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans18 December 20192019965Germany
VCL Multi-Compartment S.A, Compartment 28Volkswagen Leasing GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases18 April 20192019960Germany
RevoCar 2019Bank11 für Privatkunden und Handel GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans18 April 20192019400Germany
Cars Alliance Auto Loans Germany V 2019-1RCI Banque, Niederlassung DeutschlandNon-ABCPAuto loans28 May 201920191.000Germany
Driver Master S.A., Compartment 1Volkswagen Bank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans26 July 2019201910.000Germany
Limes Funding S.A., Compartment 2019-1Deutsche Sparkassen Leasing AG & Co. KGNon-ABCPEquipment leases15 July 20192019750Germany
Silver Arrow S.A., Compartment 10Mercedes-Benz Bank AGNon-ABCPAuto loans19 July 201920191.250Germany
FCT SapphireOne Auto 2019-1My Money Bank groupNon-ABCPAuto loans & leases22 July 20192019360France
Securitisation of French long-term Auto Leases (Private Transaction)French Captive Lease and Finance ProviderNon-ABCPAuto leases22 July 201920191.000France
VCL Master S.A., Compartment 1Volkswagen Leasing GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases25 September 201920194.000Germany
Polish Lease Prime 1 DACPKO Leasing S.A.Non-ABCPAuto leases25 September 20192019575Poland
Dutch MBS XIX B.V.NIBC Bank N.V.Non-ABCPResidential mortgage loans11 October 20192018481Netherlands
Globaldrive Auto Receivables 2019-AFord Bank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans22 October 20192019779Germany
RevoCar 2019-2Bank11 für Privatkunden und Handel GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans23 October 20192019500Germany
Red & Black Auto Germany 6Bank Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans21 November 201920191.000Germany
abc SME Lease Germany S.A., Compartment 6abcbank GmbHNon-ABCPEquipment leases19 November 20192019513Germany
VCL Multi-Compartment S.A, Compartment 29Volkswagen Leasing GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases25 November 20192019960Germany
SC Germany Auto 2019-1Santander Consumer Bank AGNon-ABCPAuto loans27 November 20192019600Germany
Securitisation of Austrian Auto Loans & Leases (Private Transaction)Austrian Auto Lease and Finance Provider/ not disclosedABCP (Transaction)Auto loans & leases4 December 20192019990Austria
Securitisation of German Auto Leases (Private Transaction)German Captive Lease ProviderABCP (Transaction)Auto leases16 December 201920191.500Germany
Securitisation of German Auto Leases (Private Transaction)German Auto Lease Provider/ Landesbank Baden-WürttembergNon-ABCPAuto loans & leases4 December 20192019500Germany
Securitisation of Austrian Auto Loans & Leases (Private Transaction)Austrian Auto Lease and Finance Provider/ not disclosedABCP (Transaction)Auto loans & leases19 December 20192019100Austria
Driver España SixVolkswagen Bank GmbH, Sucursal en EspañaNon-ABCPAuto loans20 February 202020201500Spain
Securitisation of German trade receivables (Private Transaction)not disclosed/ Bayerische LandesbankABCP (Transaction)Trade receivables20 December 20192019approx. 350Germany
VCL Multi-Compartment S.A., Compartment VCL 30Volkswagen Leasing GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases25 March 20202020960Germany
ICLH Finance B.V.International Car Lease Holding B.V. (Van Mossel Automotive Group)/ not disclosedABCP (Transaction)Auto leases7 February 20202020425Netherlands
Bumper NL 2020-1LeasePlan Nederland N.V.Non-ABCPAuto leases18 June 20202020529Netherlands
Securitisation of German trade receivables (Private Transaction)not disclosed/ Bayerische LandesbankABCP (Transaction)Trade receivables14 February 20202019200Germany
FCT ‘GK’ – Compartment G2GRENKE LOCATION S.A.S./UniCreditABCP (Transaction)Equipment Leases27 February 2020N/A200France
Globaldrive Germany Retail VFN 2018 B.V.Ford Bank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans25 March 20202020563Germany
BBVA CONSUMER AUTO 2018-1Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.ANon-ABCPAuto loans30 March 20202018804Spain
Securitisation of German Auto Leases (Private Transaction)German Captive Lease Provider/ not disclosedNon-ABCPAuto leases21 February 202020201.625Germany
CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) 2 DACGRENKE Investitionen Verwaltungs KGaA/ DZ BankABCP (Transaction)Equipment Leases17 April 20202020125Germany
Bavarian Sky S.A., Compartment German Auto Loans 10BMW Bank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans27 May 20202020757Germany
Silver Arrow S.A., Compartment 11Mercedes-Benz Bank AGNon-ABCPAuto loans27 May 202020201.890Germany
Rosenkavalier 2008UniCredit Bank AGNon-ABCPResidential mortgage loans15 April 202020203.200Germany
PBD Germany Auto Lease Master S.A.PSA Bank Deutschland GmbH/ not disclosedABCP (Transaction)Auto leases15 May 20202020850Germany
Securitisation of German trade receivables (Private Transaction)not disclosed/ Bayerische LandesbankABCP (Transaction)Trade receivables13 February 20202019350Germany
RevoCar 2020Bank11 für Privatkunden und Handel GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans8 June 20202020800Germany
Securitisation of German Industrial Truck Leases (Private Transaction)German Industrial Truck Lease Provider/ Landesbank Baden-WürttembergABCP (Transaction)Auto loans & leases16 July 20202020300Germany
FCT ‘GK 4’ – Compartment G4GRENKE LOCATION S.A.S./HelabaABCP (Transaction)Equipment Leases8 July 20202019150France
Securitisation of trade receivables (Private Transaction)Hapag-Lloyd AG/variousABCP (Transaction)Trade receivables3 June 20202013550International
Globaldrive Auto Receivables 2020-AFord Bank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans24 June 20202020519Germany
Opusalpha Purchaser II Limited / Grenke GermanyGRENKE Investitionen Verwaltungs KGaA/HelabaABCP (Transaction)Equipment Leases5 September 20202020150Germany
Finance Ireland RMBS No. 2 DACFinance Ireland Credit Solutions DACNon-ABCPResidential mortgage loans24 September 20202020295Ireland
ICLHB Finance NV/SA, Compartment 2020-1J&T Autolease, Directlease , West-Lease, Van Mossel Autolease BelgiëNon-ABCP (Transaction)Auto leases31 August 20202020254Belgium
Red & Black Auto Lease Germany S.A., Compartment 3ALD AutoLeasing D GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases21 October 20202020411,8Germany
SC Germany S.A., Compartment Consumer 2020-1Santander Consumer Bank AGNon-ABCPConsumer loans19 November 202020201.800Germany
Rosenkavalier 2020UniCredit Bank AGNon-ABCPConsumer loans28 September 20202020800Germany
Red & Black Auto Germany 7Bank Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans26 November 202020201.000Germany
Koromo 3Toyota Kreditbank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans22 October 202020201.000Germany
abc SME Lease Germany S.A., Compartment 7abcbank GmbHNon-ABCPEquipment leases16 October 20202020463Germany
Securitisation of trade receivables (Private Transaction)German Chemical and Plastic Industry Provider / Landesbank Baden-WürttembergABCP (Transaction)Trade receivables15 October 20202020up to 100International
Silver Arrow S.A., Compartment 12Mercedes-Benz Bank AGNon-ABCPAuto loans26 November 20202020750Germany
Asset-Backed European Securitisation Transaction Nineteen UG (haftungsbeschränkt)FCA Bank Deutschland GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans17 November 20202020561,8Germany
Securitisation of trade receivables (Private Transaction)not disclosedABCP (Transaction)Trade receivables9 November 20202020250International
Securitisation of European trade receivables (Private Transaction)not disclosed/ Bayerische LandesbankABCP (Transaction)Trade receivables21 December 20202013350Europe
PBD Germany Auto Loan 2021PSA Bank Deutschland GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans27 January 20212021500Germany
VCL Multi-Compartment S.A., Compartment VCL 32Volkswagen Leasing GmbHNon-ABCPAuto leases25 March 20212021962.5Germany
Securitisation of European trade receivables (Private Transaction)not disclosed/ Bayerische LandesbankABCP (Transaction)Trade receivables5 February 2021202070Europe
Globaldrive Auto Receivables 2021-AFord Bank GmbHNon-ABCPAuto loans15 March 20212021546.5Germany
Bavarian Sky French Auto Leases 4BMW Finance S.N.C.Non-ABCPAuto leases9 March 20212021457.5France
ROOF AT S.A., Compartment 2021Raiffeisen-Leasing Gesellschaft m.b.H.Non-ABCPAuto leases25 March 20212021538Austria
Silver Arrow S.A., Compartment 13Mercedes-Benz Bank AGNon-ABCPAuto loans14 April 20212021750Germany