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  • Mission:
    As part of TSI Group, the mission of SVI is to contribute to a well developed, high quality and sustainable securitisation market in Europe through the provision of neutral and objective verification of STS criteria for securitisation transactions
  • Authorization and ongoing Supervision:
    SVI has been authorized by the competent authority pursuant to Article 29 of the Securitisation Regulation (BaFin) to act as third-party verifier pursuant to Art. 28 of the Securitisation Regulation; this includes the on-going supervision of its activities
  • Transaction Types & Asset Classes:
    SVI covers the transaction types non-ABCP (=Term ABS), ABCP and synthetic on-balance-sheet securitisations involving all asset classes that are potentially eligible for STS; it also provides certain (CRR/LCR) assessments building upon STS
  • Geographies:
    All countries of the EU
  • Know-how:
    Legal and economic know-how and long-standing expertise of SVI staff and its outsourcing partners assure an accurate, efficient and transparent verification process
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SVI – Active on all aspects of STS securitisations

STS Verification International GmbH (SVI) is a third party verifier authorised under Article 28 of the Securitisation Regulation since 7 March 2019 to verify securitisation transactions for compliance with the ‘simple, transparent and standardised (STS)’ criteria.

Since then, SVI has successfully verified more than 100 transactions in more than 15 countries across all asset classes that are potentially eligible for STS and across the transaction types „ABCP securitisations“, „non-ABCP securitisations“ and, since mid-2021, „synthetic on-balance sheet securitisations“.

Since early 2021 SVI has also been able to perform additional services including CRR, LCR and Article 270 assessments of STS compliant transactions.

For more information and in case you would like to discuss selected aspects of the verification process and the application of the STS criteria for a specific transaction,

please contact Michael Osswald